Now Live: Mountain Savage

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Ryder: My mountain. My rules. I’ve lived out here on my own for years, minding my own business. When trespassers kill my rescue dog for kicks, they painted a target on their backs. They leave me breadcrumbs to follow. They lead me to a prize beyond my wildest dreams. A curvy goddess. Bound, innocent, and dressed in white—Lexi reminds me of an innocent lamb being led to the slaughter. But this little lamb has claws. I can’t let Lexi go, not after she becomes a witness to a crime. I’m keeping her and making her mine.


Lexi: I still can’t believe my brother sold me to two strangers to pay off his debts. I know it’s the end for me. We’re deep in the mountains. No one will save me. Then he arrives, my dark avenger but Ryder’s no white knight. He’s messed up, dangerous, and his soul is black as tar. I can’t want him but my resolves weakens the more time I spend with him. I begin to imagine myself in his bed. In his home. Maybe it won’t be so bad being his woman.

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