Now Live: Hawke's Claim (Fallen Saints MC 2)


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Bonnie’s the daughter of the President of the Fallen Saints MC. She’s used to foul-mouthed bikers and their violent lifestyles. Bonnie’s always wanted Hawke for as long as she can remember. Hawke’s older, and her assigned protector. Too bad Hawke doesn’t see her as anything more than a job but Bonnie’s intent on showing Hawke that she’s old lady material.

Hawke loves his club and his brothers, but Bonnie always comes first. She’s forbidden fruit, too young and pure for the likes of someone like him. When circumstances push them together, close proximity makes it difficult for Hawke to keep his hands to himself. He’ll protect her at all costs, but he must also guard his heart. Falling for the Prez’s daughter isn’t in the cards ... or is it?

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