New Release: Bending Iron (Fallen Saints MC 5)


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Amber: Iron’s not a good man. I barely escaped one monster only to run right into another. A biker covered in ink with hard eyes that go soft at the sight of me. Iron’s past might be defined by violence and bloodshed, but deep down, he’s a decent man. A protector to the core. One kiss, one touch and I come undone. I know he’s bad news but I can’t seem to shake him off. The more I get to know him, the more I want him, but what kind of future do I have with a biker?

Iron: I can’t fall for Amber. She’s too young, too damaged, and too perfect for someone like me. Amber’s everything I wanted in an old lady. Before her, I never once thought of settling down. She’s the sunshine to my darkness, but Amber’s also hiding secrets. Secrets that could make or break us, but I’m not daunted. In the end, I’ll keep her and make her mine.

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