New Release: Her Relentless Bratva


Katya: Some people call me an ice princess. There’s a reason for that. I survived the massacre of my entire family. When the Kotov Bratva took me in, I swore I’d do anything for my daughter and my new family. Aleksander is off-limits. He’s also relentless, persuasive, and addictive. I lean into his touches and kisses even though I should be staying away. I’m a survivor. I don’t just open up my heart to anyone but with Aleksander it’s easy. If being with him is so wrong, then why does it feel so right?

Aleksander: I know Katya Kotov inside and out. Under all that ice, lies a passionate and fiery woman I can’t wait to own and possess. I waited, hoping she’d find a better man, a decent man to settle with. But I’m not that generous. I’m a selfish and possessive bastard. Katya’s mine to tame and I’d kill anyone that gets in the way.

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