New Release: Tempting Bear (Fallen Saints MC 6)


Bear: When I made a promise to a dying man, I didn’t expect to fall for his daughter. Lara’s too young, too tempting for her own good. Keeping my distance isn’t option. Lara’s old man left her in deep water and I’m her only way out. The only payment I demand is her. I’ve killed. I’ve stolen. I’ve broken more laws than I can count but Lara’s the only thing I truly want. Her father only told me to protect her. He never said I couldn’t keep her.

Lara: My father taught me to avoid men like Bear my entire life, but I’m not intimidated by his tattoos or his dark past. I shouldn’t want him. Bear’s uncouth, rough, and too old for me but I can’t help it. The more time we spend together, the more I want to become his. Can I uproot my entire life and give my heart to a man who lives and breathes violence?

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