New Release: Brick's Addiction (Ruthless Reapers MC 2)

Brick: As Vice-President of the Ruthless Reapers MC, I’ve helped King lead the club with ferocity and pride. Putting the club before myself always came first, until I stumbled upon Rose. Wanted by a rival MC, Rose is beautiful, fierce, headstrong and more trouble than she’s worth. Despite the risks, I offer her my protection. If the bastards come looking for her, they’ll have to walk over my dead body. Rose belongs to me.

Rose: My scumbag brother skipped town after stealing from a dangerous MC. He’s left me and my nephew to the wolves, but luckily for me, Brick rides in to save the day. Brick is bad news. I can’t fall for a biker. That path won’t lead to anywhere good but the more I spend time with Brick, the more I’m falling for him.

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