New Release: Grizzly's Pride (Ruthless Reapers MC5)


Grayson ‘Grizzly’ Randall is on a hunt for the traitor who betrayed his MC. He never expected to find the traitor’s daughter cowering in a dirty motel bathroom. Piper is more trouble than she’s worth. Grizzly knows his choices are simple—kill her or cut her loose. He does the exact opposite and offers Piper his protection. Grizzly soon discovers that Piper is more than a mouse. She’s brave, fiery, and intoxicating. Grizzly experienced grief and loss before, but maybe it’s time for him to settle down again.

Piper Ayers has a target painted on her back. She never imagined being dragged into her father’s world or coming face-to-face with a terrifying biker covered in tattoos. But Grizzly is more than he seems. There’s fire under his cold exterior, a heart underneath his scars and ink. To survive, Piper must stick with Grizzly but what if Piper ends up getting her protector killed?

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